The Gaza Mental Health Foundation stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to demand justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor and so many others, and fundamental change in a policing system that has for far too long devalued the lives of Black people.  We stand with all who have experienced mental anguish, violence and death through unjust oppression.  We stand for health and healing, in recognition that a society that dehumanizes is a society that can never thrive.

Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei & Dr. Bassam Zakout on Psycho-Social & Physical Health In Gaza, Under COVID-19 & Siege

This special session will feature Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme and Dr. Bassam Zakout of the Palestine Medical Relief Society. It will include a detailed look into the Psycho-Social and Physical Health of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, both inside clinics and out in the streets. Dr. Abu Jamei and Dr. Zakout are practitioners with a profound depth of experience serving their community from Gaza’s hospitals to the front lines of protests.

Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip. May 30, 2020

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Photo by Eman Mohammad. Used with permission.

Healing the Spirit, Instilling Hope

The Gaza Mental Health Foundation Inc. was formed in 2001 to support the critically important work of providing mental health services for the people in the Gaza Strip, especially the children who are the region’s future.