A donation was made in memory of the donor’s parents and grandparents, who lost their homes and livelihoods in the Holocaust. The letter from Elsa Auerbach is reprinted here with her kind permission.

To the Gaza Mental Health Program and the people you serve,

I am making the enclosed donation in memory of my parents and grandparents, German Jews who lost their homes and their livelihoods (but not their lives) during the Holocaust.

I recently received some compensation for their property and can think of no better use for this money than to support the work that you do. My parents would have been shocked and appalled by the actions of the Israeli government in bombing Gaza, displacing Palestinians, and causing the devastation that you have been subjected to. That these atrocities were committed in their names would have caused them anguish.

Please accept this donation as a small token of our solidarity.

Elsa Auerbach

The Gaza Mental Health Foundation wishes to thank Elsa Auerbach for her generous donation and her solidarity with the people of Gaza.