Gaza Tributes

Israel’s war on Gaza, which has now lasted more than 100 days, is annihilating Palestinian civil society.

By January 17, 2024, it had taken the lives of more than 600 healthcare workers, at least 83 journalists and media workers, over 221 teachers and 4,000 of their students, and 136 members of UNRWA’s staff. Academics, writers and poets, artists and musicians and at least 10.000 children and babies are among the more than 24,200 residents whose lives have been obliterated, with 1,700 families experiencing multiple deaths. All seven of the universities have been destroyed, along with 7th century mosques and Byzantine era churches, and museums that housed rare artifacts. Seventy percent of Gaza’s homes and 90 percent of its schools – a total of 375 so far – have been damaged or destroyed. And 21 of Gaza’s 36 hospitals are no longer operational.

Among those who have perished are staff members of our partner organizations, two of whom are pictured below. This page will be updated as information from our partners reaches us about other losses that have taken place.

Gaza Community Mental Health Programme (GCMHP)

  • Confirmed deaths of 3 counsellors
  • Lost contact with 3 counsellors
  • The parents, brothers, wives, and relatives of a project coordinator, including his children, were killed in a bombing
  • The daughter of an administrative assistant was killed in a bombing



Musa Al Shawa, logistical coordinator, killed in an airstrike. His youngest son Karim, 6 years old, was critically injured and later died.


The Aisha Association for Woman and Child Protection

Dania Yasser Al-Hasaina (25), a psychologist, killed with her only son, father and mother and a large number of family members and relatives at her home in Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City.

Lamia Nasser (28), a psychotherapist, was killed while looking for a safe place with her family who live north of Beit Lahia.